Absolute Time Corrector

Absolute Time Corrector 10.3

You can synchronize your PC’s time to the official time of NIST servers
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Absolute Time Corrector is the kind of tool I need when I want to adjust time on my computer. It may not seem like such a big deal, but being punctual is extremely important for me, not only in my business, but also in every day activities. The program does more than just automatically synchronizes the minutes or seconds. It is a time correction tool which can synchronize time either on demand or automatically according to a pre-defined schedule or any time an Internet connection is detected. I also like this tool because it can be used for more than just one computer: once the program has been configured, it can be used as a time server for other computers on the local network. This way, it improves communication both in business environments and among friends. For me, Absolute Time Corrector is more than just good timing. It leads to good relationships and, as I said, to efficient communication. This utility also has other features that I enjoy using: the ability to run automatically at Windows start-up, the ability to regularly check for program updates and the possibility to synchronize minutes and seconds only. Yet, there are a few things that Absolute Time Corrector can’t do: it doesn’t use the resources of my computer almost at all and it doesn’t distract my attention from other important things with reminders.

Alex Vince
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  • It provides the exact time to local and network computers in a matter of seconds


  • It is designed for those meticulous users who pay attention to all the details or when time synchronization in matter of seconds is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, it occupies your computer space for no reason
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